Bradley Ryan — Cruise

Originally from Springfield, Illinois— Bradley is a product designer that’s passionate about transportation. Currently, he’s designing at Cruise to help make self-driving cars a reality.

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Delano Limoen — Nozem Design

Besides being a Nozem he’s a freelance Art Director & Designer. He likes to turn his gaze wherever he sees fit.

Emily Haasch — Etsy

Human being, artist, and designer, in that order. She art-directs and designs in ways that educate and highlight the work of artists, their creative process, and their stories.

Charlie Deets — WhatsApp

Product designer at WhatsApp. Previously on privacy, groups and sharing at Facebook. Lives in California, originally from Chicago, Illinois.

Franny Van Eyck — Freelancer

A funky fresh graphic designer who clowns around in pixels and is mastering the art of rewriting code. Currently residing in Minneapolis, MN.

Phil Hammel —

Always happy, never satisfied. Phil is a designer from the UK and is currently a Principal Designer at based in Amsterdam.

Bob Galmarini — Zendesk

San Francisco based Creative Director and designer. Bob’s timeless, humble and clever approach to design help him constantly find new ways to tell stories.

Giovanni Hobbins — FullStory

Gio is an Atlanta-based, Italian-born, and Wisconsin-raised designer focused on making products that people delight in and depend on. He unabashedly loves talking about new ideas, working with startups, and all-you-can-eat korean bbq.

Mercedes Bazan — Stripe

Mercedes is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently based in Dublin, Ireland. At the moment she is working as a brand designer at Stripe and as a print designer for Increment magazine.

Drew Baker — Funkhaus

Co-founder and technical director of Funkhaus, an LA-based creative agency. He is passionate about bringing a human-centric perspective to digital design.

Arnaud Spuhler — Breather

Arnaud Spuhler — Breather Swiss designer based in Montreal. Designing experiences on and beyond display to facilitate access to flexible workspaces.

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