Sean Thompson — Twitter

Sean is a Boulder, Colorado-based product designer, and has been on Twitter’s design team for seven years. He is currently thinking about ways to give more people the confidence to speak in public on the platform and is always up for a hike or bike ride.

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David McGillivray — Studio DMCG

David’s a British born Creative Director and Designer, operating his design practice and other ventures from his studio in north Brooklyn.

Lu Yu — Semplice

A product and brand designer raised in China, Lu lives and works in Berlin by way of Melbourne and Istanbul. She is also a speaker, judge and a lover of photography and illustration.

Edo van Dijk — Edenspiekermann

Co-founder of design agency Edenspiekermann, currently CEO and Creative Director at their Singapore office. Designer by day, dreamer by night, Edo helps clients navigate change.

Malin Elisabeth Lindberg — Try Apt AS

Malin is a Norwegian multidisciplinary designer who loves to draw. Currently working at Try Apt in Oslo.

Edouard Wautier — Alan

Product Designer based in Paris, after successfully launching 10 IoT products at Withings, Édouard is now health a great experience at Alan.

Long Vu — Stink Studios

Multidisciplinary art director & designer based in Brooklyn, originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. Currently working at Stink Studios across product, brand and experience design. A delightful gif curator.

Onur Coban — Postmates

Art Director & Designer based in San Francisco, working as a Product Design Lead at Postmates, Fleet. Passionate about making things to make/allow people to learn, share and connect.

Coleen Baik — Independent

Independent product designer and visual artist based in New York City.

Long Cao — EPIC Agency

Long is a designer & photographer at EPIC agency in Belgium. He also has a print and front-end developer background (not even kidding). He loves creating visuals as much as thinking about UX and overall digital strategy.

Olia Gozha — Freelancer

A designer somewhere at the intersection of design, programming and product thinking based in Lviv, Ukraine. Always driven by consistency of function and softness of visuals in her projects. Currently, a full-time freelancer, Shopify theme creator and indie-maker of own tiny products.

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