David McGillivray — Studio DMCG

David’s a British born Creative Director and Designer, operating his design practice and other ventures from his studio in north Brooklyn.

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Lu Yu — Semplice

A product and brand designer raised in China, Lu lives and works in Berlin by way of Melbourne and Istanbul. She is also a speaker, judge and a lover of photography and illustration.

Edo van Dijk — Edenspiekermann

Co-founder of design agency Edenspiekermann, currently CEO and Creative Director at their Singapore office. Designer by day, dreamer by night, Edo helps clients navigate change.

Malin Elisabeth Lindberg — Try Apt AS

Malin is a Norwegian multidisciplinary designer who loves to draw. Currently working at Try Apt in Oslo.

Edouard Wautier — Alan

Product Designer based in Paris, after successfully launching 10 IoT products at Withings, Édouard is now health a great experience at Alan.

Long Vu — Stink Studios

Multidisciplinary art director & designer based in Brooklyn, originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. Currently working at Stink Studios across product, brand and experience design. A delightful gif curator.

Onur Coban — Postmates

Art Director & Designer based in San Francisco, working as a Product Design Lead at Postmates, Fleet. Passionate about making things to make/allow people to learn, share and connect.

Coleen Baik — Independent

Independent product designer and visual artist based in New York City.

Long Cao — EPIC Agency

Long is a designer & photographer at EPIC agency in Belgium. He also has a print and front-end developer background (not even kidding). He loves creating visuals as much as thinking about UX and overall digital strategy.

Olia Gozha — Freelancer

A designer somewhere at the intersection of design, programming and product thinking based in Lviv, Ukraine. Always driven by consistency of function and softness of visuals in her projects. Currently, a full-time freelancer, Shopify theme creator and indie-maker of own tiny products.

Stanley Wood — Volvo Cars

British Designer, currently Head of User Experience at Volvo Cars, living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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