Jessica Harllee — Etsy

Jessica is a Staff Product Designer at Etsy in Brooklyn where she builds tools for sellers. She is always crafting, snacking, or loling.

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Lana Simanenkova — Animade

Animator and motion designer from Estonia. Currently a Senior Creative at Animade, a characterful studio based in London, UK. A lover of crafting quality storytelling, using vibrant colours, puns and humour in her work.

Helen Holmes — Your Grandma Lied Studios

Helen is a New York City-based designer running a small studio with her partner doing product design, illustration, and trying to find ways to get everyone off their computers a little more.

Hartley Miller — Pinterest

Hartley is a design lead who enjoys making complex problems simple. She’s from Florida and that’s really all you need to know.

Marc Edwards — Bjango

Marc is the founder and designer at Bjango, a vector icon speedrunner, an occasional author, and is incredibly passionate about the tools we use. He’s currently building Skala.

Linda McNeil — Mailchimp

Linda is a Designer and Animator based in Atlanta, GA. She currently works at Mailchimp as a Motion Designer on the Brand Studio Team.

Cassie Slack — Shopify

Product Designer at Shopify in Ottawa. Writes about things learned, reads fiction, and draws dead things for fun. She loves people and their problems.

Tomer Sharon — Goldman Sachs

Head of User Research & Metrics, Ex-Google, Ex-WeWork, UX author, husband, and father of three. Originally from Tel Aviv, lives in Cresskill, New Jersey, works in New York City.

Devin Jacoviello — Asana

Devin is a designer based in San Francisco currently working on the Brand team at Asana where he spends most of his time designing websites and prototypes. Outside of design he enjoys skateboarding, photography and riding his motorcycle.

Geof Crowl — Freelance

Freelance interactive designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah that likes to make nice native apps and websites.

Nuno Coelho Santos — DeepMind

Nuno is a designer based in London, interested in software development, prototyping and research. Dedicated to bringing intelligent software to healthcare.

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