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Hardik Pandya — Google Search

Hardik is a designer from India, now based in Mountain View. He works at Google leading the Search Suggestions experience and helps startups with product design on the side. He’s an engineer by head, a designer by eyes and an optimist by heart.

Owen Gildersleeve — Freelancer

Owen is an artist based in London specialising in handcrafted illustration, set design and art direction. His work explores light and shadow, ranging from intricate paper illustrations and animations, shot in his East London studio, to large-scale sets, window displays and installations.

Riomar Mccartney — & NobodySurf

Riomar is a British Japanese designer based in Tokyo, working at the intersection of expression, design, and engineering. He is currently Head of Design at and a designer in crime at NobodySurf.

Sindy Ethel — Hello Monday

Mexican interactive designer in love with illustration and typography, currently working at Hello Monday in New York.

Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch — Petal

Maxwell is a designer, illustrator, and art director based in New York. His work has been recognized by Computer Arts, Grain Edit, HOW, Varoom, It’s nice that and others. He is currently working to reform the financial space at Petal.

Chelsea Flaming — Oui Will

Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Oui Will, a holistic digital agency based in San Diego and Paris. Chelsea leads the strategy team in building influential brands and disruptive digital products. Her focus is on building up strategic design in the “Tech for Good” sector.

Nicolas Prieto — Sketch

Nicolás is a Product Designer from Argentina, working at Sketch. He's shaping the design tool where the best projects start.

Jason Jun — Envato

South Korean-born designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently works at Envato as a UI designer.

Vladimir Stegantsov — Revolut

Product designer from Russia, currently working in London focusing on simplifying complex things in fintech.

Elba Ornelas — Wizeline

Elba is currently designing awesome internal products for Wizeline and delightful client-facing experiences. She’s also a mentor, occasional speaker, and full-time advocate of naps.

Guillaume Hamon — Oui Will

CEO and Executive Creative Director of Oui Will, a holistic digital agency based in San Diego and Paris. Guillaume leads the team in building influential brands and disruptive digital products.

Gleb Kuznetsov — Milkinside

Design Executive and Founder of Milkinside with 15 years experience in product and interface design, user experience, strategy, as well as building and managing teams.

Elsie Ng — Ripple

Product Designer from Toronto, working at Ripple in San Francisco. Loves bouldering and collecting old, obscure, retro video games.

Gene Ross — Ueno

Village born Interactive Designer currently working at Ueno/would rather be living in a small cabin somewhere in the mountains.

Jaycee Day — Freelancer

A Berlin-based Freelance Product Designer and mental health advocate obsessed with user testing.

Adam Ho — Zendesk

Adam worked on the brand team at Zendesk as a senior brand designer. Originally from Queens, New York—he’s a lover of textures, milk tea, and egg tarts.