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Susan Lin — Nava PBC

San Francisco re-based Product Designer and Artist. She combines her knowledge of usability, mixing colors, and HTML/Sass into pleasant interface experiences. You'll never guess what her favorite color is.

Ruslan Siiz — Fantasy

Warsaw-based Designer at Fantasy, who collaborating with amazing people around the world to create experiences for the most ambitious brands in the world.

Kerem Suer — Freelance

Freelance multidisciplinary designer living in San Francisco, California. He helps startups reimagine, prototype and design products and brands.

Julius Tarng — Facebook

Julius works so he can watch anime and play Overwatch. After experimenting with industrial design, concept art, and tools for building online communities, he currently leads the design tools team at Facebook improving workflows for 500 designers and their peers.

Hidde van der Ploeg — Lightspeed

Hidde is a Lead Product Designer at Lightspeed, currently based in the Netherlands. He loves to translate technology into understandable everyday things.

Liz Wells — Stink Studios

A user experience designer originally from the suburbs of Maryland, currently at Stink Studios in Brooklyn, NY. She works with visual designers and developers to create experiences that are both usable and delightful.

Joel Califa — GitHub

Brooklyn-based designerd. Led Product Design at DigitalOcean. Taught front-end at General Assembly. Built some pretty ok geocities.

Sebastien Gabriel — Google Chrome

Sebastien is a San Francisco based designer working for Google in the Chrome and Chrome OS team and Android. He specializes in clean, simple and precise interface design.

Yesenia Perez-Cruz — Vox Media

Designer, speaker, and writer based out of Philadelphia, PA. Passionate about increasing inclusivity in tech, designing responsibly, and leading with empathy.

Adekunle Oduye — Justworks

Adekunle Oduye is a Product Designer at Justworks where he is building payroll management tools for small businesses. He enjoys working where design meets development.

Henry Modisett — Quora

Designer & Engineer from Colorado, currently living in San Francisco.

Denis Kovalev — Revolut

Art Director at Sgustok Studio. Record Producer at Sgustok Music. Editor in Chief at Sgustok Magazine. Currently based in Moscow, he is working as a Product Designer in Revolut.

Meg Lewis — Ghostly Ferns

Designer who makes fun, friendly experiences for happy companies. Through fun talks and weird workshops, she’s is on a mission to teach the world to love themselves first and the rest will follow.

James McDonald — Enthusiastic

Glasgow-based designer with a minimal, clean aesthetic and a passion for creating functional user-experiences.

Levin Mejia — Trello

Levin is a Product Designer at Trello, Atlassian living in St. John's, Newfoundland Canada. He’s also a freelancer and entrepreneur.

Ari Sawyers — Facebook

Product designer based in London. Music, fashion, photography, and fresh coconut water enthusiast.