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Jesse Reed — Order / Standards Manual

Partner at the Brooklyn-based design office, Order, and co-founder of the independent publishing imprint, Standards Manual.

Joshua Oluwagbemiga — InVision

Joshua is a Product Designer at InVision working remotely from Lagos, Nigeria. He’s enthusiastic about futurism and electronic dance music.

Rahul Chakraborty — Flipkart

Indian designer, trying to craft experiences for people around him. Currently working on emerging technologies at Flipkart, to help shape the way people shop online.

Spencer Schimel — RocketVisor

Product Designer (Physical) turned Product Designer (Digital) based in NYC. Lead Designer (slash only designer) at Rocketvisor. Adjunct Professor at SVA.

Neil Pullman — Grow

Creative developer based in Norfolk, Va. Making weird things with weird code.

Adam Kopec — Oak

Co-founder and self-taught designer living bicoastally between Brooklyn and Portland. Exploring ways to create products that encourage healthy habits. Passionate about wellness, music, creative empowerment and great design.

Tommy Vincent-Mathieu — Sid Lee

Art Director & Designer based in Montreal creating digital products and experiences at the creative agency Sid Lee.

Ramon Gilabert — Netlify

Ramon is a Barcelona based interaction designer. He is into psychology and behavior, and is currently learning about behavioral economics, accessibility and inclusive design. A soccer fan and sometimes a runner.

Elise Santangelo — DesignStudio

Elise is an Australian/American designer based in London, working as a Design Director at DesignStudio. She spends most of her time helping businesses solve problems with design, and sometimes makes things out of clay.

Catherine Marois — Akufen

Creative Director based in Montreal specialized in creating online interactive experiences that have strong visual identities and have users at the core. A lover of photography and all that is visual arts, she’s worked on building compelling graphic ecosystems for many commercial and cultural brands.

Ani Harutyunyan — Parkinson animation studio

Illustrator from Armenia creating unique works on her style. A person who is always in search of discovering new and improving all the time.

Louis Saville — Freelance

Leeds based freelance digital designer with passion for cycling.

Bushra Mahmood — Unity Technologies

Product designer based in San Francisco, working on the future of content authoring tools in 3D and spatial computing.

Aaina Sharma — Unmind

Aaina is a product designer based in London via San Francisco, currently heading up design at Unmind. Her passion lies in creating brands and digital experiences. Loves to travel and laugh out loud.

Henry Daubrez — Dogstudio

Design Director and CEO at Dogstudio, but before anything, just another designer on a holy war against impoverishment of product design, and in desperate need of green spaces and fresh air.

Tania Lili — Genius

Tania is a multidisciplinary designer from Mexico City based in Brooklyn. Currently leading the Design Team at Genius.