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Catherine Marois — Akufen

Creative Director based in Montreal specialized in creating online interactive experiences that have strong visual identities and have users at the core. A lover of photography and all that is visual arts, she’s worked on building compelling graphic ecosystems for many commercial and cultural brands.

Ani Harutyunyan — Parkinson animation studio

Illustrator from Armenia creating unique works on her style. A person who is always in search of discovering new and improving all the time.

Louis Saville — Freelance

Leeds based freelance digital designer with passion for cycling.

Bushra Mahmood — Unity Technologies

Product designer based in San Francisco, working on the future of content authoring tools in 3D and spatial computing.

Aaina Sharma — Unmind

Aaina is a product designer based in London via San Francisco, currently heading up design at Unmind. Her passion lies in creating brands and digital experiences. Loves to travel and laugh out loud.

Henry Daubrez — Dogstudio

Design Director and CEO at Dogstudio, but before anything, just another designer on a holy war against impoverishment of product design, and in desperate need of green spaces and fresh air.

Tania Lili — Genius

Tania is a multidisciplinary designer from Mexico City based in Brooklyn. Currently leading the Design Team at Genius.

David Lehman — HUSH

David helps the most innovative brands tell their stories through interactivity and space. He thrives on connecting strategy to design and experience. Collaborative, and whimsical, David’s experiential design process combines the agility of an engineer with the improvisational abilities of a film director.

Louis Paquet — Locomotive

Montreal-based Creative Director. Expresses brand stories via interactive web experiences. Lover of nice typography, dogs and climbing. Also loves bacon.

Denis Lomov — Red Collar

Creative Director at Red Collar, one of the most awarded agencies in Russia. His team creates impressive sites that conquer the minds and hearts.

Rich O'Brien — Gladeye

Lover of heavy metal, design and the outdoors, Rich crafts meaningful digital experiences in the beautiful New Zealand.

Rikke Hindborg — Hello Monday

Designer from Aarhus - with a great care for details and strong sense of typography she is creating big digital ideas rooted in design. Together with Hello Monday she tries to make the world a better place. One pixel at a time.

Min-sang Choi — Google

Interaction designer based in Tokyo, focusing on Search Journey in Google iOS App. Previously worked on Google Assistant and Gboard.

Jeff Zych — Gladly

Jeff is a humane designer and technologist based in San Francisco. He’s currently a Product Designer Manager at Gladly, helping designers produce their best work.

Joshua Sohn — Kontist

Designer based in Berlin, currently leading the design team at Kontist, where he works on a banking account tailored specifically for freelancers.

Roy van Rooijen — Sketch Runner

Berlin-based independent designer, one half of the Sketch Runner team, event organizer and host of Design Tools Network, occasionally teaching Sketch workshops.