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Max Ma — Hearthstone

Lead UI designer on Hearthstone at Blizzard Entertainment. Entrepreneur, photographer, gamer, DJ, and coffee lover.

Diógenes Brito — Slack

Digital product designer and engineer from New York, now based in San Francisco. He worked at Google, LinkedIn, and Squarespace before joining Slack as a product designer in 2014.

Jonathan Topf — ustwo Games

Lead designer on Monument Valley 2 by ustwo Games. He took a meandering journey through, film, animation and robotics before setting in the fertile grounds of mobile games.

Datrianna Meeks — Spotify

Strategy consultant turned product designer who loves coffee, podcasts, and 90’s R&B.

François Chartrand — Headspace

Canadian designer living the California dream in Los Angeles. Designing products that bring joy to people's lives.

Tara Mann — Basecamp

A designer, humorist, and pop culture devotee. Loves useful products and sparkling water.

Kirill Zakharov — Unsplash

A Montreal-based designer, focused on simplicity, clean code and good typography.

Bill Kenney — Focus Lab

A natural, lively, and charismatic people person, Bill focuses on the value of surrounding himself with great people, whether mentoring his team or facilitating collaboration with awesome clientele.

Ian Williams — Mono Mono

Product designer and software engineer based in Appalachia. His work is rooted in solving problems at their core, being considered and kind.

Gabriela Iglesias — Frog

Gabriela is a New York-based art director, digital experience designer, fashion history lover, art enthusiast and gif connoisseur. Currently at frog, working with clients to drive growth and innovation through design.

Fabio Basile — Mikleo

Manchester, UK based designer who wears many hats but is widely known for his vibrant, elegant and fun designs.

Jordan Obi — Etsy

Brooklyn-based product designer and poet passionate about music, civil rights and building useful products.

Cat Noone — Iris

New Jersey-based designer, focused on building products with meaningful experiences and advocates for the little details that make a big difference.

Helen Tran — Shopify

Toronto-based product designer and hobbyist writer. She writes about the tech industry and surviving life as a creative professional. Dormant entrepreneur and aspiring vagabond.

Billy Sweeney — Squarespace

Portland-based designer. His minimal aesthetic and meticulous nature drive him to create functional and elegant work.

Benjamin De Cock — Stripe

Belgium-based all round designer who loves coding as well as making things beautiful. Desperately seeks peace and quiet when designing.