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Sebastiaan Scheer — MediaMonks

Dutch design director and dedicated lead of MediaMonks’ creative design department. Sebastiaan’s a jack of all trades, using his skill set to connect digital design and UX.

Thomas Williams — The Wall Street Journal

Thomas is an Australian designer, living and working in Los Angeles. His focus is on brand and digital product and is currently the VP & Design Director at The Wall Street Journal.

Atif Azam — Facebook

New Jersey-based software designer. Currently working on news experiences at Facebook in NYC.

Lucas Guarneri — Withings

French, American & Italian Product Designer based in Paris, designing health solutions and services for connected watches, scales, blood pressure monitors and sleep sensors, but most of all people.

Jenny Wen — Dropbox

San Francisco-based product designer. Currently obsessed with: public transit, reading challenges, and photojournalism.

Jordan Koschei — Dwell

Jordan is a product designer and developer based in New York’s Hudson Valley, where he’s helping create the audio Bible app of the future. In his spare time he loves tinkering on tools to help grow the local creative community.

Frederik Delmotte — Work & Co

Frederik is an Interactive Designer who believes in harnessing aesthetic restraint to deliver contextually sensitive work. He is currently an associate design director at Work & Co. in New York City.

Thomas Vimare — Sounds

Thomas is a french art director and product designer living in Paris. He’s passionate about digital products, music and fashion.

Davey Heuser — Intercom

Dutch-born product designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Currently making internet business personal at Intercom and working on IconJar on the side.

Andrea Limjoco — Spotify

Andrea is a Product Design Lead at Spotify. Now, she is helping bring your favourite podcasts to the world of music. She is also an illustrator.

Maria Shanina — Shopify

Maria is a designer currently working at Shopify. She blends practical and academic knowledge in design and constantly tries to balance aesthetics and usability.

Debashish Paul — Facebook

Product Designer living in San Francisco Bay Area, originally from Calcutta, India. Currently building Facebook Stories, previously on Camera, AI, Live and Videos at Facebook. Always in the hunt for metaphors.

Miguel Oliva Marquez — Freelance

Miguel is a Spanish freelance designer currently travelling the world. He collaborates with teams to fuse digital and physical experiences into one product.

Maxime Daguet — Socialclub

Paris-based creative director and co-founder at Socialclub, with a minimal aesthetic and a passion for typography.

Andrew Ofstad — Airtable

Andrew Ofstad is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Airtable. Prior to founding Airtable, Andrew led the redesign of Google Maps, and was previously a product manager for Android. Ofstad studied Electrical Engineering and Economics at Duke.

Natalie Schoch — Gusto

Natalie is a San Francisco-based brand designer passionate about branding, art direction, and visual storytelling. She's currently working on the brand studio team at Gusto