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Tomer Sharon — Goldman Sachs

Head of User Research & Metrics, Ex-Google, Ex-WeWork, UX author, husband, and father of three. Originally from Tel Aviv, lives in Cresskill, New Jersey, works in New York City.

Devin Jacoviello — Asana

Devin is a designer based in San Francisco currently working on the Brand team at Asana where he spends most of his time designing websites and prototypes. Outside of design he enjoys skateboarding, photography and riding his motorcycle.

Geof Crowl — Freelance

Freelance interactive designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah that likes to make nice native apps and websites.

Nuno Coelho Santos — DeepMind

Nuno is a designer based in London, interested in software development, prototyping and research. Dedicated to bringing intelligent software to healthcare.

Catherine Bui — GitHub

Web designer and developer hanging out in Berkeley, California with a love for nature, and good Vietnamese food.

Leon Ephraim — Yummygum

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Amsterdam based design agency Yummygum with an eye for detail.

Milan Moffatt — SuperHi

Milan is a lifelong learner leading all things design at SuperHi, an online code and design school for creative people. Lover of travel and mindfulness.

Alexander Muench — Doist

Alex is a Product Designer at Doist, working remotely from Germany on the Todoist and Twist apps, solving challenges with digital products that help people organize life and communicate more mindfully at work.

Jessica Strelioff — Upperquad

Jessica is a Creative Director and Designer at Upperquad specializing in building brands, digital experiences, and teams.

Bradley Ryan — Cruise

Originally from Springfield, Illinois— Bradley is a product designer that’s passionate about transportation. Currently, he’s designing at Cruise to help make self-driving cars a reality.

Delano Limoen — Nozem Design

Besides being a Nozem he’s a freelance Art Director & Designer. He likes to turn his gaze wherever he sees fit.

Emily Haasch — Etsy

Human being, artist, and designer, in that order. She art-directs and designs in ways that educate and highlight the work of artists, their creative process, and their stories.

Charlie Deets — WhatsApp

Product designer at WhatsApp. Previously on privacy, groups and sharing at Facebook. Lives in California, originally from Chicago, Illinois.

Franny Van Eyck — Freelancer

A funky fresh graphic designer who clowns around in pixels and is mastering the art of rewriting code. Currently residing in Minneapolis, MN.

Phil Hammel —

Always happy, never satisfied. Phil is a designer from the UK and is currently a Principal Designer at based in Amsterdam.

Bob Galmarini — Zendesk

San Francisco based Creative Director and designer. Bob’s timeless, humble and clever approach to design help him constantly find new ways to tell stories.