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Bob Galmarini — Zendesk

San Francisco based Creative Director and designer. Bob’s timeless, humble and clever approach to design help him constantly find new ways to tell stories.

Giovanni Hobbins — FullStory

Gio is an Atlanta-based, Italian-born, and Wisconsin-raised designer focused on making products that people delight in and depend on. He unabashedly loves talking about new ideas, working with startups, and all-you-can-eat korean bbq.

Mercedes Bazan — Stripe

Mercedes is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently based in Dublin, Ireland. At the moment she is working as a brand designer at Stripe and as a print designer for Increment magazine.

Drew Baker — Funkhaus

Co-founder and technical director of Funkhaus, an LA-based creative agency. He is passionate about bringing a human-centric perspective to digital design.

Arnaud Spuhler — Breather

Arnaud Spuhler — Breather Swiss designer based in Montreal. Designing experiences on and beyond display to facilitate access to flexible workspaces.

Ivy Mukherjee — Shopify

Ivy is an Indian designer currently residing in Canada, working as a Product Designer at Shopify HQ, thriving to simplify and broaden the perspectives of e-commerce.

Budi Tanrim — Shopify

Budi is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for using art, technology, and design to craft digital products that improve everyday human life. He is currently getting acclimated to winters in Ottawa, Canada.

Danielle Morgan — SWEEPR

Irish designer with a thing for coherency, making things with friends, the future and damn good incense.

Earvin Fanfair — Fjord

Earvin is a Toronto-based designer, with a focus on crafting intuitive user experiences and systems thinking in the digital space. Aside from work—his interests span across all forms of art, playing and watching basketball and documentaries.

Matt Safian — Flipboard

Brooklyn-bred, San Francisco-based product designer and photographer working to improve the way we consume digital media.

David Hariri — Ada

David designs and builds products for the web with care. He co-founded and leads design at Ada in Toronto. He is an aspiring distance runner, guitarist, and photographer.

Micah Carroll — Ring

Micah spends time designing to help fuel up on self help books, anime, and more Nintendo Switch games. Constantly experimenting with product design, front end development, and social media growth strategies.

Ryan Morrison — Webflow

Brand design lead at Webflow in San Francisco. Passionate about branding, the web, helping people, and creativity.

Rina Miele — Freelance

Creative Director and designer, living in the forest in New York. Sometimes she shoots photos of birds. No BS. Work harder. Just get it done.

Andrea Mata — Ueno

Designer based in San Francisco. Specialized in digital design with roots in editorial and graphic design. She loves changing hobbies every once in a while, right now she is into analog photography and salsa dancing.

Martin Strutz — AND CO

German designer, based in New York. Martin builds products with a strong focus on frictionless user experiences and meticulously thrives for design excellence.