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Alberto Calvo — Cabify

Product Designer based in Madrid with a passion of learning how things work. He likes to make clean, thoroughly thought and organized stuff.

Simon Pan — Google

Simon is a Bay Area-based Designer working to transform how people consume and comprehend the news. He is passionate about the intersections of technology, humanity, meaning, and ethics.

Jonathan Shariat — Intuit

Interaction designer born and raised in the Silicon Valley. He is passionate about design and how we can use it to impact the world around us. Co-author of Tragic Design and co-host of The Design Review Podcast.

Joris Rigerl — Work & Co

Austrian-born, now New York based designer working on the digital products and services that people use every day.

Andy Vitale — Polaris Industries

Experience Director/Designer in the Twin Cities. He builds design teams and solves complex problems by translating human insights into actionable, immersive experiences.

Erin Nolan — Independent Contractor

Brooklyn-based digital product designer partnering with startups and large companies to understand user needs, test prototypes, and launch products that stand out.

Ben Bate — Streamlabs

Product designer at Streamlabs. Passionate about designing inclusive, effective, and impactful digital products.

Andreas Weiland — Vivino

Copenhagen-based designer. Fighting complexity with simplicity. Loves to take really short walks and finding lost keys.

Chris Castillo — Eventbrite

A San Francisco-based designer obsessed with prototyping and designing meaningful products that empower people to do great things.

Jan Cavan Boulas — Automattic

Jan is a Designer based in sunny Southern California. She currently designs for Automattic, makers of WordPress.

Frantisek Kusovsky — Freelancer

Prague based brand & visual designer often wandering in Swiss alps. He loves grids, thin lines and design systems that translate complexity into something usable and elegant.

Joanna Ngai — Microsoft

Seattle based designer, building stuff for the cloud. Freelance illustrator, sporadic painter and tea drinker. She frequently writes about design on Medium.

Daniel Eden — Facebook

Oakland-based, North West-England raised Designer with technical fluency and a penchant for building systems and tools for others.

Maria Gonzalez — Slack

Maria is a San francisco- based designer passionate about brand, patterns, and gifs. Her goal is to bring more branded experiences into product surfaces.

Zach Cole — Lyft

Product designer working on the Lyft Driver app. Frequently found running up and down the hilly trails of San Francisco.

Blake Hodgson — N26

Berlin based Australian designer with a passion for crafting intuitive interfaces with purpose. Loves a good gradient, drop shadow and eggs benedict.